Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter Nail Art

Hello all! I was planning on posting this on Easter, but things didn't work out the way I had hoped. Here's what I planned on posting. Happy Tuesday!

Hope you are having a splendid Easter & a yummy dinner! I know my house smells delicious! (: Today I have some Easter nail art I did yesterday (as in Saturday) for the holiday. 
As always, I started with my Jordana Garlic Growth top coat, then two coats of Sinful Color's Snow Me White. For the dots, I used Sally Hansen's Bubblegum Pink, Mellow Yellow, Lacey Lilac and Zoya's Neely. For the bunny, I used Zoya's Blu as a background, Sinful Color's Snow Me White for the bunny, a Kiss Striper brush for the black, and the pink nose & ears were Sally Hansen's Bubblegum Pink again.  
Again, hope you all are having a wonderful Easter & spending time with family. <3

Sorry these are a bit later. Hope you like them and consider them when doing nail art next Easter!